Flying Experience Using Thai Vietjet Air

There have been a lot of people sharing their Thai Vietjet Air experience, and their reviews are varied. Even so, what they have shared can be beneficial for those who would like to fly with Thai Vietjet. If you plan to fly with this low-cost airline, then you will find this review article very beneficial. For those of you who don’t know, Thai Vietjet Air is an airline based in Bangkok, Thailand, and is a subsidiary company of Vietjet Air, a Vietnamese airline.

Thai Vietjet is widely known as a true budget airline. If you plan to travel across Thailand using a domestic airline, this is one of the best picks should you have a limited budget. But does everything come in a budget way as well? Find out the answer in the following review.

Flight Review with Thai Vietjet Air

  1. Price

Much like any other airline, the ticket prices of Thai Vietjet vary a lot. For a one-way flight from Phuket to Bangkok, you will need to pay around $52. If you want to have the flexibility in choosing your own seats, then you should pay extra at $110 to $130 to obtain SkyBoss status.

You must know that the airfares are not definite. So do the ticket prices of this most low-cost airline. The airfares today are more fluctuating than ever. This is because all kinds of airlines have greater access to more improved technology and system for knowing real-time passenger information.

By implementing algorithms in their flight booking website, Thai Vietjet constantly tweaks their fares based on available seats or even shifting demand. Therefore, if today you get economy seats for $52, the price will either increase or decrease the next time you book a flight with the same seat selection.

  1. Baggage and Check-In Allowance

The actual Thai Vietjet Air experience is started in the check-in process. The process of check-in was relatively efficient and quick. Usually, there will be three agents on duty. However, there is one major issue that you should keep into consideration whenever you plan to travel with low-cost carriers, which is a baggage allowance.

The weight allowance of Thai Vietjet has been a major concern for many international passengers who fly with this airline for the first time. You might be forced to pay around $30 on hand baggage then the agents might force you to check in your carry-on bag.

In fact, according to the official website of Thai Vietjet, each passenger may bring two small bags with a maximum weight of 7 kg on board. So, if you have a carry-on bag when you fly with this airline, make sure it doesn’t exceed the weight limit, or you will be charged an additional fee.

Fees for checked luggage on Thai Vietjet are charged on a sliding scale. The prices are ranging from $7 (220 Baht) for approximately 15 kg to $31 (950 Baht) for around 40 kg. These fees are applied if you purchase online. If you buy a baggage allowance during check-in, then it might be much higher.

  1. Boarding

As a budget airline, the boarding process of Thai Vietjet is fairly organized. Back row seat passengers will be boarded first, and those in the front row seats will be boarded last. This is another Thai Vietjet Air experience you won’t find in other airlines.

The boarding process is surprisingly quick. This fast boarding really helps low-cost airlines such as Thai Vietjet as they only require less time on the ground and possibly more aircraft use. Just like most Asian airlines, Thai Vietjet also uses airstairs from the front and back doors to board.

  1. Economy Seats

Economy class seats on Thai Vietjet are arranged in 3-3, with the exception of SkyBoss seats in the front rows. SkyBoss seats are a bit larger compared to standard economy seats. Those seats also offer a number of benefits, such as lounge access, priority check-in, and free flight changes. But these also come with a hefty price tag.

There are no blankets, pillows, or even Wi-Fi access for economy seats. But there is access to AC power which can be located on the back of the front seat, making them easy to locate and make use of. Power is the only facility that is available in economy seats.

  1. In Flight

During the flight, passengers may enjoy some literature the airline has to offer. They also provide some meals or snacks for an extra fee. If you reserve ahead of time, you can save up to 20% on your purchase. The fact that the majority of printed book is available in four different languages (Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and English) is beneficial.

The Thai Vietjet air experience above is the actual depiction of what people call a true budget airline. The seats are tight just like any other airline in the same class and you can expect to have to pay for almost everything. So, if you plan to travel across Thailand with an affordable domestic airline, Thai Vietjet is the obvious option.