Shop in Japan, Know the Size of Garments and Shoes in Japan

Shop in Japan, know the size of garments and shoes in Japan

You may as of now be comfortable with the size of American or European framework apparel. Did you realize that Japan additionally has their own size, particularly for attire and shoe sizes. Here are some size rules utilized in Japan.

Shoe size

In Indonesia, when all is said in done we for the most part utilize the size of Europe for shoes with units, for example, 38, 39, 40, etc. However, in Japan when we purchase shoes, the size is a centimeter, for instance 23 centimeters or 24.5 centimeters. Here’s an examination outline of Japanese and European sizes.

Ukuran Eropa Ukuran Jepang
36 23.0
37 23.5
38 24.0
39 24.5
40 25.0
41 25.5
42 26.0


Size of garments

Size of garments
Size of garments

Commonplace once in the event that we locate the size of the shirt XS/S/M/L/XL in Indonesia. Contrasted and the size of XL, Japan ordinarily utilizes a similar name or 3L as XL and XXL. Furthermore, the size for people is likewise extraordinary. Make a point to ensure the size beneath.

Tops (Shirts)

Unit: CM

Jenis kelamin Ukuran S M L LL
Laki-laki Lingkar dada 80-88 88-96 96-104 104-112
Tinggi 155-165 165-175 175-185 175-185
Perempuan Lingkar dada 72-80 79-87 86-94 93-101
Tinggi 154-162 154-162 154-162 154-162

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For pants, albeit as a rule the size utilized is in the inch units, in Japan they use centimeters as underneath:


Unit: CM

Jenis kelamin Ukuran S M L LL
Laki-laki Lingkar pinggang 68-76 76-84 84-94 94-104
Perempuan 58-64 64-70 69-77 77-85


There is additionally another measure for ladies called “Gou” (号). This size is generally utilized for grown-ups for all pieces of clothing. The accompanying table looks at to the S-M-L size framework.

Unit: CM

Ukuran 7-gou

(ukuran S)


(Ukuran M)


(Ukuran L)


(Ukuran LL)

Lingkat dada 88-95 90-98 93-102 97-106
Lingkar pinggang 70-81 73-84 76-88 80-92
Lingkar pantat 90-111 93-114 97-118 101-122